Upcoming Masters session + Masters league 2024

September 25th 2023

After a fun turn out last session, we would like to organize another Masters football tournament down at YCAC again on the following dates. We will limit spaces to 6 teams so please rsvp as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

The TML Master's sessions will be on the following dates:

November 18th 18:00~19:30

Participating teams: Celts Masters, BFC, YCAC, Footy Japan, Fine Vintage FC

November 25th 18:00~19:30 

Participating teams: BFC, YCAC, Fine Vintage FC, Footy Japan

December 16th 16:15~17:45 (Full)

Participating teams: Spartans Japan, Fine Boys FC, BFC, Footy Japan, YCAC, Fine Vintage FC

Each date will be seperate from one another (one day tournaments) so there is no requirement to sign up to all three sessions. We are hoping to start the league up from 2024 and these three sessions would be a great way to gauge interest and get ready for the masters league!


Please contact toma@footyjapan if you are interested in putting a team or interested in joining but don't have a team!