Samurai 7's 2024

March 23rd 2024

Samurai 7's International Masters
The Samurai 7's is hosted during the Cherry Blossom season at Yokohama, Japan. A great experience for participating teams to visit the country during it's most beautiful time of the year, the Samurai 7's is hosted in one of the countries oldest and most cultivated clubs. The tournament calls in teams from various countries including Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and of course Japan.

We will be updating information here & on our facebook page on a regular basis.

VIDEO of our past tournament
PHOTOS of our past tournaments

  • When: Saturday & Sunday 23th & 24th March 2024Asia Pacific Football Tournament
  • Time: 09:00~17:00 (hours may differ slightly as the date approaches)
  • Where: Yokohama Country & Athletic Club, Yamate, Yokohama
  • Rules: The Samurai 7's follow FIFA rules with just a few exceptions, click here.  
  • Registration: Please fill in your information on this Registration Form if you are interested in joining
    Earlybird - U$550 - Paid before Dec 31st, 2023.   Regular fee - U$650 - Paid from Jan 1st, 2024
  • Categories:
    • 3 Divisions - Vets (35+)**, Masters (45+)**, & Super Masters (55+).***
    • **Vets(35+) & Masters(45+) - Allowed 2 field players and 1 goalkeeper 5 years younger (calendar year).

    • ***Super Masters - Allowed 2 field players 5 years younger, and 1 goalkeeper 10 years younger (calendar year).  

  • Teams Entered :
    • Vets:​​ Shenzhen International FC (China), Unión Pacifico (Peru), Hong Kong FC (Hong Kong), French Krauts FC (Hong Kong), Ishihara Shotas (Japan), Kilimanjaro FC (Tanzania), FM FC (Japan)
    • Masters: YC&AC Old Boys, ADB FC (Manila), Bangkok Spartacus (Thai), British FC Tokyo (Japan), Swiss Kickers (International) FJ Masters (Japan), Club SC Malaysia (Malaysia), Fine Vintage (International),
    • Super Masters:​​​​​ Club X (Malaysia), Gold Coast Koalas (Australia), FootyJapan (Japan), YC&AC Old Boys (Japan)
  • Hotels: 
    We will have special discounted prices at some hotels in Yokohama, close to the venue and Chinatown. These hotels include:
    Oakwood Suites Yokohama
    Citadines Harbour Front Yokohama
    Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel
    Please contact us for details & discount codes before booking

We will be updating information here & on our facebook page on a regular basis.


  • 開催日: 2024年3月23日(土)24日(日) 
  • 時間: 10:00  ー 16:30 (時間はまだ確定していません)

  • 会場: 横浜カントリー&アスレチッククラブ (山手・横浜)

  • カテゴリー: ヴェテラン(35歳以上)、マスターズ(45歳以上)、スーパーマスターズ(55歳以上)

  • 参加チーム:
    • オーバー35:​​ Shenzhen International FC (中国), Hong Kong FC (香港), French Krauts FC (香港), Union Pacifico (ペルー), Fine Vintage (インターナショナル), イシハラショーターズ(日本), Kilimanjaro FC (タンザニア), FMFC(日本)
    • オーバー45: YC&AC(日本)ADB FC (マニラ), International Koalas (オーストラリア), British FC (イギリス), Swiss Kickers (インターナショナル), FJ Masters (日本), Club SC Malaysia (マレーシア)
    • オーバー55:​​​​​ Club X (マレーシア), Gold Coast (オーストラリア), FootyJapan (日本)
  • 7人制 (12人まで登録可)

  • お問い合わせ先

  • 過去の大会の動画写真もこちらでご覧ください: