Last masters session before Samurai 7's

February 10th 2024

The Samurai 7's tournament will be taking place in about a month and we will be squeezing one more Masters session before it!

After the Samurai 7's we are looking to have some sort of league down at the BST field. Those that have played there know that the pitch condition is sublime, a fantastic field to play some football!

March 9th @ at BST around 16:30

15,000/ team

Participating Teams: Kanto Celts, BFC, Union Atletico, Footy Japan, Fine Vintage

We will limit spaces to 6 teams so please rsvp as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

A great way to gauge interest and get ready for the masters league/samurai 7's!


Please contact toma@footyjapan if you are interested in putting a team or interested in joining but don't have a team!