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Guapo FC come out blazing

A great season opener for Guapo FC winning their first game!

Their match took place at Mizumoto Sports Center, one of the few tokyo venues. While most teams turned down the oppurtunity to play at that location, we were very fortunate to have Kilimanjaro and Guapo organize a squad.

Although both teams looked a little rusty, Guapo looked more organized as the game progressed.

Both of their goals came from crosses on the left side, with one of them...

Announcements - September 25th 2023

Hamstring injury prevention exercises presented by Club 360

Footy Japan partners Club 360 are experts in injury prevention and rehabilitation, and will be sharing simple useful injury and performance tips with you over the coming months.

Here are the videos!

In this video series Sam Gilbert @sam_gilbert_tokyosportsmed and Alan Pang cover some basic strengthening exercises that can not only decrease the incidence of hamstring injury, but also improve our speed and change of direction on the field.

We recommend including these as part of a regular resistance training program twice per week.

If you do find yourself injured and need some expert advice, Club 360 @club360_eng are there to help. Show your membership card to receive 1,500yen off your initial consultation.

Contact 6434-9667 for more details or use their online booking system to make an appointment https:// bookings#service

Announcements - September 22nd 2023

Albion Old Boys with the head start!

With a full day booked at Shigaku and no teams except Jetro, Albion Old Boys and Zion eager to play, the first and only match that could be fixed was Albion vs Jetro! A mid afternoon kick off between two long time TML teams, it was good to see the many familiar faces back out onto the pitch! With both teams hosting a healthy amount of subs, the game was quite even. It was Albion Old Boys that edged out this fixture finishing the game 3-2. Congratulations to Albion Old...

Announcements - September 8th 2023

ESR FJ Cup and Plate Winners!

The ESR FJ Cup and Plate finals was held down at YCAC

The finals was a rematch of the cup finals 2 seasons ago, where BEFC triumphed over Pumas in a 1-0 victory. Just like all the previous finals, it was a bitty game. Both teams have proven throughout their season that they can move the ball well but this was difficult to achieve in the finals. Given how important the match was, and with both teams holding a few subs, the players worked extra hard to take away any...

FJC News - May 28th 2023
Pumas FC,British Embassy FC,Brunello FC,Jetro FC

ESR FJ Cup and Plate Finals this weekend!

The finalists for the ESR FJ Cup and Plate have been determined.

Brunello and Jetro played in the semi final last week to qualify for the finals and the game seemed like a one way boshing from Brunello. Brunello carried a 3-0 lead until Jetro scored 2 rapid goals in the second half closing the gap to only 1 goal. However Brunello tightened up their defence in the last 10 minutes and packed in another goal to finish the game 4-2. The Plate finals will be Brunello...

FJC News - May 16th 2023


As some teams start preparing themselves for the upcoming Golden Week, the TML pushes on its games. A huge plate match occured between Clash and Sala where Clash come out triumphant in a 2-0 victory. Clash have qualified into the finals where they will be playing either Jetro or Brunello.

Another very pivotal match happened this weekend down at YCAC between Panthers and Eastern Capital.

Eastern Capitals last game of the season, playing against the current...

FJC News - May 1st 2023

Quarter Finalists determined for the ESR FJ Cup

The quarter finalists of the ESR FJ Cup and plate have been determined! Some very interesting teams from both sides. Sala and Suns were the only 2 D1 teams that got knocked into the plate and with Suns gone, Sala must be the favorties to win it. Don't count out Clash or Brunello though, both of them are formidable teams when they are on their A-game. On the cup side we have BFC, the only D3 team left. Certainly the underdog that everyone is keenly following. The other...

Footy Japan Cup - March 26th 2023