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Name: Aaron Balogh

Nationality: New Zealand/Hungary

Number of years refereeing in the TML? This is my 10th season, over 500 games.

What is the highest level of football you have refereed at? In New Zealand I was the member of the national reserve referee’s panel alongside with the referees who were selected to represent NZ in recent World Cups,...

TML Interview - January 18th 2019


This Saturday will see a TML Legend play his last game in Japan. Raffa will be leaving Japan early next month with a heavy heart and heavier luggage! With 8 TML Division 1 titles and 5 FJ Cups, we can only hope he doesn't mind paying for the extra baggage costs. Raffa will be attending the End of Season Award Ceremony on the 30th June so please all come down...

TML Interview - June 19th 2018


A true Barbarian is about ot hang up his boots so let's learn more about the longest serving manager in TML's History.

Name: Fred Delsaux Nationality: French Team: Barbarians FC Position: All… over the last 20 years! From Striker (hmm…) to goal-keeper (bigger hmmm) Number of years in the TML? 15 I think, don’t remember, too old!...

TML Interview - June 8th 2018


The final part of our Cup Final countdown concentrates on a forward who without his goals, his teams may not have reached this far. Takuma ueyama scored an impressive 5 goals v Swiss Kickers in the Plate Semi Final. He will be looking to do the same v Sala FC this Saturday evening.

Name: Takuma Ueyama Nationality: Japanese Team: Zion FC Position: Forward...

TML Interview - May 17th 2018


I went to watch the Plate Semi Final between Sala FC and Imperio FA! One of the first things I saw was a Sala player struggling to find one of his green shinpads seconds before kick off. Luckily it was found. The shin pad belonged to Shu Nakatani. A name I often saw on the referees reports for the goals he scored. He didn't disapoint by scoring a hat trick on the night. Let's get to know Shu a little more before he plays in his first FJ Plate Final this weekend....

TML Interview - May 17th 2018


Next weekend will see British Embassy in their first FJ Cup Final since the TML started 15 years ago. The Club's recent success is mainly due to this man. Let's get to know the Player/Manager a little bit more.

Name: Ben Palmer Nationality: British Team: British Embassy (BEFC) Position: Captain Number of years in the TML? 4...

TML Interview - May 11th 2018


If you have played against Pumas in recent years then you would have probably played against this young man. He loves Football but he may love the antics that happen after a match more! Let's get to know the TML's Antonio Casano a little more!

Name: Tommaso Miyakawa Nationality: Italian Team: Pumas FC Position: Full back Number of years in the...

TML Interview - May 9th 2018


Name: Manuel Ramirez

Nationality: Peru

Number of years refereeing in the TML? 2 seasons

What is the highest level of football you have refereed at? I refereed for 3...

TML Interview - April 6th 2018