About Footy Japan Competitions


Footy Japan Competitions is the competitions and tournaments branch of its parent company Footy Japan KK.  It comprises the Tokyo Metropolis League (TML), the Footy Japan Cup, the Footy Japan 7′s and the youth Interliga tournaments.



  • To provide an organised, competitive football infrastructure for the international community of Japan
  • To enhance international relations through football
  • To engage with the international community of Tokyo by facilitating communication between its members, providing a platform for the promotion of various causes, and by supporting various charities by way of football competition.


Methods of Competition

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The Tokyo Metropolis League

The Tokyo Metropolis League kicked off its first season in the beginning of 2004 and hasn’t looked back.  Accommodating 30 teams across 3 divisions, the league aims to provide organised, competitive 11 a-side football following a schedule closely aligned with many European domestic leagues.  The league proudly plays host to a vast array of teams with players’ nationalities spanning the globe.

The Footy Japan Cup (FJ Cup)

The Footy Japan Cup

The Footy Japan Cup (FJ Cup) can trace its roots back to the TML’s conception, born from the idea of a competition which would allow all teams to have a fair dual with their counterparts sitting elsewhere within the league.  Allowing all TML players to taste the magic of an old fashioned cup competition is something that couldn’t be ignored.  First round losing teams are automatically entered into the FJ Plate Cup.  Everybody deserves a second chance at some silverware!

Footy Japan Tournaments

Footy Japan Tournaments

Footy Japan Tournaments comprise 7 a-side tournaments and leagues organised by Footy Japan Competitions held throughout the year at various locations within Tokyo and surrounding prefectures.  Annual events include the Summer 7′s, usually held every August, the New Year 7′s which is usually organised for the 2nd weekend in January and the Charity 7′s tournament in May.

The International Junior League

The International Junior League

The International Junior League was set up with the aim of providing competitive football for kids from the International schools and community outside of their school leagues.  The inaugural season saw 8 teams of under 10s & under 12s playing each other twice in small sided matches. We hope to expand the leagues as more teams wish to join and more grounds become available.

INTERLiga Football

InterLiga Football

Last but certainly not least, INTERLiga.  Designed for our younger members who train with the British Football Academy , these tournaments seek to provide a competitive edge to the coaching received during weekly sessions.  Students are not only given the opportunity to play against their peers attending sessions in different locations, but also against teams and schools spanning the Kanto area using 5 a-side to 7 a-side formats depending on age and ability.