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This man books pitches for the TML, he loves watching the game and more importantly plays all the time. Time to get to know Mr Football himself:

Name: Shogo Fujimura


TML Interview - February 21st 2018
Nepal United,Kanto Celts FC,Real Celts FC


In November 2009 French and Irish relations were at an all time low. Thierry Henry handball had sent France to the 2010 World Cup at the expense of the Irish team.

Ever since two men have been trying to mend this frosty relationship. Sebastien Gaboriau & JB Noe are their names. They have risen through the the Kanto Celts Football Club ranks from players to now player managers of Kanto...

Announcements - September 23rd 2017
Kanto Celts FC,Real Celts FC

Video: FJ Cup Semi FInal Draw

The last FJTV production of the season.

Footy Japan Cup - March 7th 2017
Zion FC,Saitama JETS FC,SUNS FC,Dutch FC,Real Celts FC,Hibernian FC,Barbarians FC,Pumas FC

It’s (‘White &”) Case shut as Swiss hold onto their Summer 7s title

Some people fear the Summer 7s. A 9:30 kick off, an expected finish for finalists around 4pm all in 30 plus degrees, with constant sun exposure and playing the game they love on a hot artificial pitch. It’s now been 4 years since the above weather conditions have shone out from behind the clouds. Given the usual boiling Tokyo temperatures it seems like we have been lucky over the last few years. This...

FJC News - August 30th 2016
Swiss Kickers,Panthers FC,Pumas FC,Oakwood Clash,Lions FC,Imperio FA,Real Celts FC,British Embassy FC,YC&AC 1868