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TML Season 20

July 3rd had the final fixtures of TML19 played. The captains meeting was held that very night. The meeting consisted of talks about the league, mainly focused on manager duties and rule changes to the league. The start date of the new season was also mentioned, which will be on the weekend of August 27/28. The will be the leagues 20th season. It goes without saying that the landscape when the league was first formed has radically changed. However the vision has remained...

Announcements - July 9th 2022

Robert Walters TotW (July 2)

Two big games this weekend down at BST.

Fussa FC vs FC International for the plate finals and Zion vs Hibs for the division 1 championship.

Zion vs Hibs was a highly competitive but good spirited game. With a goal difference of over 10 between the two teams, it was unlikely for Zion to win the league as they would be tied in points even if they beat hibs. Regardless, both teams treated the game like the finals... Zion did beat Hibs earlier in the season so...

Announcements - June 29th 2022


It was King George's last game of the season and promotion was out of there hands (Real Celts/BEFC Lions have secured first and second). But as a team that is true to their description of a fun team, they decided to end their season with style... by using their regular goal keeper Brad Miwa as a field player!

Guts may have been delighted to see the KG players playing in odd positions but their smiles quickly turned upside down when KG scored an early goal. Guts...

Announcements - June 27th 2022

Robert Walters TotW (June 18)

An exciting weekend for division 3 down at BST this weekend.

Fussa and Gaupo faced off in a fierce plate semifinal. The game was a scoreless draw that went to penalties. Both teams created chances but neither converted. Fussa's stand in goal keeper (who had no gloves!) made some acrobatic diving saves in the rain to ensure a clean sheet. The game was a scoreless draw that went to penalties. Two of Guapos penalties ricocheted off the crossbar while Fussa scored all...

Announcements - June 20th 2022


Come and join the party to celebrate the Winners and losers of TML 19. All TML players are welcome to attend this event. Bring your teammates, girlfriends (and boyfriends), friends and join the best celebration in Tokyo!

Sunday 3rd July 16:00 - Captains Meeting 17:00 - TML Award Ceremony Hobgoblin, Roppongi ( )

Trophies to be...

Announcements - June 16th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (June 11)

Going into this weekend, there was a lot riding on Clash FC's and Sala FC's games. If both of these teams lose their remaining games, YeBoiz (who have finished their season) will finish second place. Depending on how Sala and Clash do for their remaining games, they both had a chance to get promoted. Kanto Celts have won against Clash FC in stunning fashion (9-3) but the Robert Walters TotW goes to Sala, who have earned their second place spot in division 2 after this...

Announcements - June 13th 2022

Robert Walter Team of the Week (June 5)

As teams wrap up their season, it is looking very likely that everything will wrap up on the first week of July.

Real Celts have solidified their position as first place in third division, having never lost a single game. Suns are also guaranteed to finish first in division 2. However, there are a few more crucial matches that need to be played to figure out all the teams that will be getting promoted and demoted.

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes...

Announcements - June 7th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (May 22)

Team of the Week goes to Pumas FC for their win over Zion FC!

Zion FC were in a prime position to win the league, with one game less played than first place hibs and 3 points behind. All they needed to do was to win their remaining games and it would come down to the fixture between Zion and Hibs. However, Pumas had no intention of giving anyone free wins. They were coming off a close game against Hibs (tying 1-1) and wanted more. As expected from any game between...

Announcements - May 24th 2022