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Robert Walters Team of the Week (Nov 27)

This weekend saw the debut of the Kemigawa pitch down at Chiba. A venue run by Tokyo University, it hosts several natural grass pitches.The teams found out that the grass was slightly long, perhaps providing a disadvantage to teams that like to play short passes.

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Shane FC after winning against BEFC Lions. With an unfortunate dropout, Shane were left with 10 men to play against BEFC Lions with a full squad. A worrisome...

Announcements - November 28th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (November 19)

A very tough week down at the Footy Japan offices, where we have lost the ability to get matches played at the prized BST pitch. We once again would like to remind all the players that the pitches are not owned by us, thus everyone at such venue should be on their best behavior.

This weekend yielded some interesting results. A draw between Eastern Capital and Hibernian FC, where Eastern Capital had the lead until the final minutes of the game until Sukui Ono tied...

Announcements - November 21st 2022
Kanto Celts FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week (November 13)

FC Sagarmatha could not have hoped for a better start to the game, scoring a well executed counter attack in the opening 10 minutes. One deadly cross from the right side for a well placed finished in the box. However, Guapo were not going down without putting up a fight. They slowly started to create an equal amount of opportunites until they finally equalized from a corner. The game was neck and neck for the first half, ending in a 1-1. The game ramped up in intensity...

Announcements - November 14th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Nov 5)

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to FC International after their 3-0 win over Zion FC.

Zion were missing their golden boot winner which reflects in their 0 goal showing, but even so FC International had a much sharper preformance deserving the Team of the Week.

Footage from the game can be viewed here (courtesy of FC Zion)...

Announcements - November 8th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (October 8)

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Albion Old Boys, who maintained the upper hand from start to finish in their game against BFC.

Their two opening goals were scored by Albion's Kouta Noboki and Takuma Ueyama (who would end up scoring another goal each) from a very efficient counterattack. There was just far too much space given to the Albion attackers on every turnover. BFC were producing chances of their own but the finishing is what separated the two...

Announcements - October 12th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Sept 24)

A collosal win by Trust United this weekend, scoring an average of a goal per 5 minutes to get a scoreline of 16-0. Certainly puts any skeptisicm on why they were allowed to join from Division 2 to rest! The Robert Walters TOTW goes to Hibs this week, playing against FC International in midst of a typhoon. While the rain was heavy, the pitch was perfectly playable (and almost more enjoyable). The captains and referee talked to each other in spanish, captains exchanging...

Announcements - September 26th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (Sept 17)

The typhoon forced some games to be cancelled but fortunantely some matches were able to go ahead.

This is the fourth week of the TMLQuite a lot of draws have been picked up by teams this season. Perhaps this indicates a more level playing field in the TML (hooray to the restrictions of cross division players)!

The Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Kilimanjaro FC who have debuted their season with a win. A team composed of mostly players from various...

Announcements - September 20th 2022