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Robert Walters Team of the Week (May 28)

At last, the Cup final was help this weekend. Two teams with polarising standings in the table, Hibernian FC and Lions FC faced off at Shigaku.

Hibs beat Guapo, Kanto Celts, Panthers, British Embassy to reach the final. Lions beat King George, Eastern Capital, Suns, YC&AC to get to the final. Both teams had a luxurious line up, with so many footballers with long resumes. Just looking at the rosters made it apparent that the game was going to be a fierce one...

Footy Japan Cup - May 31st 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (April 24)

YCAC may have had the toughest climb for the cup to get to where they are. Having to face off against FC International in their first round, they won the penalties after a 2-2 draw. They next beat Dutch FC and were matched against Nepal United in the cup quarter finals. As a Division 2 team, they've already done very well beating FC International. Even if they lose against Nepal United, one could say that they had a very good run in the cup.

Nepal United were...

Footy Japan Cup - April 27th 2022

Robert Walters Team of the Week (March 26)

An exciting weekend for the FJ Cup!

A close game between BFC Vagabonds and Albion Old Boys with both teams fighting right until the end. Albion Old Boys proceeds to the next plate round where they will face Sagaramatha FC or FC International. YeBoiz played an excellent game against FC Panthers, moving the ball and dominating possesion but not getting the finish off resulting them getting knocked out. FC Panthers will face either Hibernian FC or Kanto Celts for the...

Footy Japan Cup - March 28th 2022
Footy Japan Cup - March 8th 2019
Pumas FC,Hibernian FC,Zion FC,FC International,GUTS SC,Nepal United,Swiss Kickers,SUNS FC


Like Loris Karius had in the Champions League final we too have had some technical difficulties. The first round recorded Cup Draw has some how wiped it's self from Sid's computer and also the device it was recorded on. Sorry that you don't all get to watch me work my magic for 5 minutes but you can view prevoius draws using this LINK .

So here is a picture of the Draw. Pumas FC (Current holders) and BEFC (...

Footy Japan Cup - October 5th 2018

Video: FJ Cup Semi FInal Draw

The last FJTV production of the season.

Footy Japan Cup - March 7th 2017
Zion FC,Saitama JETS FC,SUNS FC,Dutch FC,Real Celts FC,Hibernian FC,Barbarians FC,Pumas FC