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Team of the Week 7

BFC and Panthers had a very civil match this weekend. 3 yellow cards and 2 red cards making it this seasons most carded game! However, Kohei Hanadas goal reeled in the win for BFC while Panthers new signing superstar, Hiroyuki Uchida, will be suspended for 2 games. This will most certainly hurt Panthers for the league.

Pumas had a suprisingly close match against Lions this weekend. Just a one goal lead until deep into the second half. Pumas continue to march on...

Announcements - December 9th 2019
Fussa FC,BFC Vagabonds

Not so weekly Team of the Week 6

With 5 goals against FC International, Takuma Ueyama (Zion) is back on top of the goal scorer rankings making him a threat to win both Division 1 and Division 2 golden boots. During November 9/10, every cup game went as predicted. The higher division team has always won. However, on November 16th, Guts SC pulled off a giant killing in their cup match against Kanto Celts.

Kanto Celts just came off a tough loss to Panthers the week before (2-1) and Guts were coming...

Announcements - November 15th 2019
GUTS SC,Kanto Celts FC,YeBoiz

TML Update & Halloween 7's

An interesting phenomenon unfolded during the gigantic 12 hour booking of Shigaku. A few TML teams contacted the Footy Japan Headquarters saying they don't have enough players for the Shigaku weekend. Professor Ochiai explains that "with 12 TML games played on the Shigaku booking day, it means 24 teams have to put out a unique team with no overlapping players (unless those players are willing to play two TML games the same day). Thus with so many games on the same day, it...

Announcements - October 26th 2019
Pumas FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week 5

It's been a month since TML 17 has started. Every team has now played a game and the competition seems to be tougher in each division.

The only teams that have not had a loss or draw yet are Hibernian FC, Pumas FC (Div 1), Suns FC (Div 2), Fussa (Div 3). Every other team has had a draw or a loss which speaks volumes on how competitive teams are.

Robert Walters Team of the Week award this time will go to Brunello FC!

After starting their season...

Announcements - October 1st 2019

Robert Walters Team of the Week 4

Some interesting stats unfolded this weekend.

Hibernian FC, TML’s most succesfull club, have joined the fray. They had a tough game against British Embassy that went down to the wire but Tomoitsu Kunii of Hibs made the difference between the two.

King George also got their first win of the season. They unfortunantely will not be winning their next game due to former TML manager, James Bates, joining them for the next match.

Pumas have scored over 5...

Announcements - September 9th 2019
Eastern Capital FC,Hibernian FC,Pumas FC,King George FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week 3

Some suprising results as the TML plunged into its third week.

Division 1 champions Pumas were losing to Panthers 2-4 but managed to make a comeback in the last 15 minutes of the game. Favorites to win division 3, Fussa FC, were on the verge of losing to Albion Old Boys 2-1 before scoring 2 goals. Fussa FC have three wins now, putting them in the clear top. Their next game will be against Clash FC, the other favorite to win division 3. The result of that match...

Announcements - August 31st 2019
BFC Tokyo,Kanto Celts FC,Fussa FC,Albion Old Boys FC

Robert Walters Team of The Week 2

With the season finally kicking off, August 24/25 saw 9 TML games played. A plethora of goals scored across all fixtures with 3 people scoring hat tricks!

This week was YeBoiz FC's and YC&AC's debut games. Suns, being third place last season (some say purposely after they forfeited their final game), are favorites to win the league this season. YeBoiz FC played very well against what would be one of their toughest matches. However Suns were defensively well...

Announcements - August 26th 2019
Lions FC,Panthers FC,YCAC