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Robert Walters Team of the Week 1

TML 17 started it's first batch of matches all in the late evening to avoid as much of the heat (thank you TML Operations Manager).

It seems like all the results for the weekend were "predictable". All the higher placed clubs from last season won. Fussa (freshly demoted from Division 2) beat Brunello FC. Jetro welcomed Eastern Capital to its first Division 2 game by giving them a 2-0 loss. The most evenly matched game was Dutch vs Guts, however Takuma Ueyama (who...

Announcements - August 18th 2019
Clash FC,Fussa FC,King George FC,Brunello FC,Dutch FC,GUTS SC

Robert Walters Team of the Week 38

The champions of division 2 came down to the final fixture of the season. 18:30 at Shibuya Sports Center, a clash between the highest scoring team of division 2 (Sala FC) and the least conceded team (British Embassy FC). An exciting fixture that brought out TML fans to the stands (benches to be precise) despite being unassociated with either team.

Despite having the championship on the line, the match was far from defensive and stale. Sala stormed into a 2-0 lead...

Announcements - July 14th 2019
Sala FC,British Embassy FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week 37

This week, we have Shane FC winning the Robert Walters Team of the Week!

With the rain and wind beating down on the players, the YC&AC field refused to flood so as to not allow another rescheduling of games. The howling wind proved to be useful, drowning out the whining from the players. Before TML's very own camera man even arrived to the pitch, Shusuke Nakatani (Sala FC) added another goal to his resume. Even though he is the confirmed golden boot winner of...

Announcements - July 7th 2019
Sala FC,Shane FC

Robert Walters Team of The Week 36

This Saturday was newly appointed TML Managers first rainy weekend. While most of the pitches were deemend unplayable, the game at Komaba (with its excellent drainage) went on.

Eastern Capital FC played BFC Vagabonds in the pouring rain. Both teams needed a win to be able to get promoted. BFC Vagabonds Masaki Sakai took an early lead by scoring a rebound from a free kick. This was equalized by none other than ECFC leading goal scorer, James Worsnop ending the...

Announcements - June 17th 2019
Eastern Capital FC,BFC Vagabonds

FJ Cup and Plate Finals

The much anticipated TML Cup and Plate Final finally took place on June 8th.

TML started with the Plate Final, Division 2 Suns SC vs Division 3 Nepal United.

Both teams showing success in their respective divisions, it was bound to be a competitive game. At the current pace, Nepal have finished first in their division and Suns are tied for first in the second division.

Suns SC scored within the first 5 minutes of the game, almost as if to show...

Announcements - June 10th 2019
Zion FC,Hibernian FC,SUNS FC,Nepal United

Robert Walters Team of The Week 35

This weeks Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Albion Old Boys off their win over Easter Capital FC.

The first half started seemingly even. Newly signed Shun Tamiki scores the opening goal of the match for Albion Old Boys but is quickly equalized by Easter Capitals goal scoring Machine, James Worsnop. As both teams become increasingly heated, committing fouls to try and gain advantages, the game reached a stalemate. Neither team was letting the other pull...

Announcements - June 9th 2019
Albion Old Boys FC

Robert Walters TOTW 34

This weeks Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Zion FC for their win over Musketeers.

Spectators of the match were heard complimenting Zion FC incredible ball movement. Around the 20 minute mark (when Zion were up 2-0) one of their players got injured and left the pitch. The 10 man Zion did not slow down. Their ball movement remained crisp and were able to outclass the Musketeers despite being out numbered. A integral part of their successful game came down to...

Announcements - May 26th 2019

Robert Walters TOTW Matchday 33

Our team of the week award goes to Bruno FC who defeated Nepal United despite a 10 point difference seperating the two teams

In the opening 10 minutes, a questionable penalty was called by none other than TML's worst ref, Toma Ochiai. Nepal United's Aoi Kakegawa, one of the Division 3 top goal scorers, scores a perfectly placed penalty into the top left that even had the opposing team muttering "good strike".

However, within the next few plays, Bruno's Jun...

Announcements - May 19th 2019