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Robert Walters Team of the Week 4

Some interesting stats unfolded this weekend.

Hibernian FC, TML’s most succesfull club, have joined the fray. They had a tough game against British Embassy that went down to the wire but Tomoitsu Kunii of Hibs made the difference between the two.

King George also got their first win of the season. They unfortunantely will not be winning their next game due to former TML manager, James Bates, joining them for the next match.

Pumas have scored over 5...

Announcements - September 9th 2019
Eastern Capital FC,Hibernian FC,Pumas FC,King George FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week 1

TML 17 started it's first batch of matches all in the late evening to avoid as much of the heat (thank you TML Operations Manager).

It seems like all the results for the weekend were "predictable". All the higher placed clubs from last season won. Fussa (freshly demoted from Division 2) beat Brunello FC. Jetro welcomed Eastern Capital to its first Division 2 game by giving them a 2-0 loss. The most evenly matched game was Dutch vs Guts, however Takuma Ueyama (who...

Announcements - August 18th 2019
Clash FC,Fussa FC,King George FC,Brunello FC,Dutch FC,GUTS SC

Player Profile

It's only fitting that the first ever TML player profile should be the leagues founder Sid Lloyd. He has possibly clocked up the most TML apperances, injuries and has represented around half the teams who play in the league.

Name: Sid Lloyd

Nationality: British...

TML Interview - February 17th 2017
King George FC,Pumas FC,BFC Vagabonds,BFC Tokyo,Sala FC
James Musgrove has been inducted into the Vags Hall Of Fame.

Muzzy’s Farewell that Never Was

BFC Vagabonds 6 King George FC 2 Shigaku, Saturday 26th September 2015

Saturday’s game was billed to be the swansong for one of the Vag’s longest serving players – James Musgrove a.k.a. Muzzy who was leaving Japan for the UK the next day. Perhaps it is a taste of things to come but any chances of turning out for the Vags were scuppered when the job of cleaning the apartment before moving out trumped any thoughts of goal-scoring glory.

Match Reports - September 30th 2015
Season 13,TML,King George FC,BFC Vagabonds

King George Blow Nine-match Losing Streak by Winning

King George FC 4 Dutch 2 YC&AC, Sunday 5th April 2015

After a winless four months, KGFC produced a commanding performance to stun relegation rivals Dutch FC 4–2 at the YCAC ground.

Two goals from team pinup Keigo Kameya, and a goal apiece from Sean Carroll and the returning Jo Ninomiya were enough to earn the three points for the Kings of Saitama.

Buoyed by the return of Ninomiya and the addition of more of the Bates bloodline in form of...

Match Reports - April 7th 2015
Season 11,TML,Dutch FC,King George FC
Cup Champions Panthers started 2015 in the right way.

Panthers purr to life as Swiss and Nepal settle for consolation silverware

New Year Soccer 7s YC&AC, Sunday 4th January 2015

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you all. Here is another tournament report where I attempt to sum up 28 seperate matches without repeating the same old Footballing cliches. So I will try and write this report in two halves by typing from left to right and making sure I keep it tight and keep all the letters boxed in.

The last 4 tournaments I have arranged the rain god has done it’s best to give me man...

Match Reports - January 7th 2015
King George FC,Panthers FC,YC&AC 1868

British Embassy v King George Match Report

British Embassy FC 4 King George 0 Komaba Sub Ground, Saturday 13th December 2014 Well done to the British Embassy for supplying me with the first match report of the season along with video highlights.

British Embassy v King George Match Report

Match Reports - January 5th 2015
TML,King George FC,British Embassy FC