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Samurai 7's

In midst of the corona virus looming over Japan, the international Samurai 7's 2020 went ahead on March 21st. A beautiful sunny afternoon welcomed 12 teams to the YCAC pitch.

Group A had British Embassy FC, Aurora FC, FJ Masters, F-League O30 FC, Robert Walters & Friends, Kilamanjaro FC Group B had Peru FC, FC International, Oito FC, Toma's Peons, SV Wacker Durchsaufen, International Ronin

A wide array of players from TML clubs made...

Announcements - March 23rd 2020
FC International,British Embassy FC

Robert Walters Team of the Week 38

The champions of division 2 came down to the final fixture of the season. 18:30 at Shibuya Sports Center, a clash between the highest scoring team of division 2 (Sala FC) and the least conceded team (British Embassy FC). An exciting fixture that brought out TML fans to the stands (benches to be precise) despite being unassociated with either team.

Despite having the championship on the line, the match was far from defensive and stale. Sala stormed into a 2-0 lead...

Announcements - July 14th 2019
Sala FC,British Embassy FC


There was no dispute over who the Robert Walters team of the week back at the Footy Japan Head Quarters. British Embassy FC rightfully earned their team of the week with a hard earned victory over Fussa. The odds were in the favor of Fussa even before kick off. British Embassy had a 10 man squad as opposed to the army (pun intended) that Fussa FC brought, a 14 man squad. BEFC scored an early goal from a penalty kick, an ideal start for a team with a missing player....

Announcements - March 23rd 2019
British Embassy FC


The final Cup draw of the season.

FJC News - March 13th 2018
BEFC Lions,British Embassy FC,BFC Tokyo,Pumas FC,FC International,Swiss Kickers,Zion FC,Imperio FA,Sala FC

A Hiro’s return for Collezione FC

It was all change for the Summer edition of our Soccer 7s. A new location, different sized goals and the 3 goal bonus point scrapped from the rules page.

With Cricket being played at YC&AC, the 7s moved to St Marys the home of Albion Old Boys. Leading up to the tournament the main worry was the different sized goals. A few possible ideas were sent to the Captains but we decided to change...

Match Reports - August 19th 2017
Pumas FC,BFC Tokyo,British Embassy FC

3 in a row for the Charity specialists Pumas

The busiest day of the Footy Japan season came and went without incident. The 3rd Edition of hosting the 2 tournaments in one day was a great success. The youngest competitors were aged 5 and the eldest were in their 50's. They played for the love of the game but also helped raise money for Refugees International Japan .

The morning started with 57 BFA kids plus teams from 3 International...
Announcements - June 2nd 2017
Pumas FC,Sala FC,British Embassy FC


British Embassy FC are the first team to secure some silverware this season and they did it in style.
TML Division 2 Champions with 2 games to spare....
Announcements - April 25th 2017
British Embassy FC

Tokyo Hibernian & Brothers A.D.D Silverware to their Cabinet

Firstly Happy New Year to you all. Time for another fascinating report. If you are one of my avid fans then you are aware even though I run the tournament I actually end up watching very little of the matches. Why I hear you ask? I am not totally sure but I am usually playing, chatting to people and generally making sure everyone is having a good time.

So like a good football reporter who needs to write 1000 words on a boring 0-0 I will try and pad this one out...

Announcements - January 7th 2017
Hibernian FC,Pumas FC,British Embassy FC,BFC Tokyo,Fussa FC,Sala FC