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Robert Walters Team of The Week 2

With the season finally kicking off, August 24/25 saw 9 TML games played. A plethora of goals scored across all fixtures with 3 people scoring hat tricks!

This week was YeBoiz FC's and YC&AC's debut games. Suns, being third place last season (some say purposely after they forfeited their final game), are favorites to win the league this season. YeBoiz FC played very well against what would be one of their toughest matches. However Suns were defensively well...

Announcements - August 26th 2019
Lions FC,Panthers FC,YCAC


With the season slowly drawing to a close the battle for top spot in Division 1 is hotting up. Current leaders Tokyo Hibernian would have been hoping for slip ups from either FC International or Panthers FC.

With FC International kicking off the Division 1 action they ventured into the new TML Venue Zozo Ground looking to keep up their good recent form....
Announcements - May 16th 2017
Panthers FC,FC International

It’s (‘White &”) Case shut as Swiss hold onto their Summer 7s title

Some people fear the Summer 7s. A 9:30 kick off, an expected finish for finalists around 4pm all in 30 plus degrees, with constant sun exposure and playing the game they love on a hot artificial pitch. It’s now been 4 years since the above weather conditions have shone out from behind the clouds. Given the usual boiling Tokyo temperatures it seems like we have been lucky over the last few years. This...

FJC News - August 30th 2016
Swiss Kickers,Panthers FC,Pumas FC,Oakwood Clash,Lions FC,Imperio FA,Real Celts FC,British Embassy FC,YC&AC 1868
FJC News - March 19th 2015
Season 11,Tournaments - FJ Cup,GUTS SC,Jetro FC,Panthers FC,Pumas FC,Swiss Kickers,Hibernian FC
Cup Champions Panthers started 2015 in the right way.

Panthers purr to life as Swiss and Nepal settle for consolation silverware

New Year Soccer 7s YC&AC, Sunday 4th January 2015

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you all. Here is another tournament report where I attempt to sum up 28 seperate matches without repeating the same old Footballing cliches. So I will try and write this report in two halves by typing from left to right and making sure I keep it tight and keep all the letters boxed in.

The last 4 tournaments I have arranged the rain god has done it’s best to give me man...

Match Reports - January 7th 2015
King George FC,Panthers FC,YC&AC 1868