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Saitama JETS FC

Saitama JETS FC

Established 1996


The Saitama Jets began life in 1996 when five footballers found themselves without a team to play for and decided it was simpler to just start their own. Hometown club loyalties meant forgoing the usual City, United, etc. team names for the more neutral “Jets”. SJFC have had an interesting time in the TML so far with a promotion or two, including an undefeated promotion season in 2005/6, a relegation (or three) and even a few seasons with a 2nd team-along the way forming a club that is as much about community as competition. Since 2011, the Jets have called the grass and artificial pitches at Redslands home for regular competitive TML fixtures as well as frequent 7-a-side, futsal and friendly matches. Players interested in working hard for their team, playing to win but not taking themselves too seriously are always welcome.


TML Div. 2 Champions 2005/2006TML Div 3 Runners up 2013/2014All-Japan ALT Champions 2006


Jets Home Kit
Jets Away Kit


Gary Garber (Captain)

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