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Vagabonds defensive solidity holds while scoring issues continue in draw to Dutch FC.

Match Reports - November 2nd 2015

BFC Vagabonds 0 Dutch FC 0
Komoba Sub Ground, Saturday 24th October 2015

A week off from the pitch didn’t do much to change the fortunes of the Vagabonds at either end of the pitch as they continued to limit the opposition to a few clear shooting chances. However it will be of some concern that they haven’t managed a goal in the last two matches and rarely troubled the opposition goalkeeper throughout the match.

The match opened in a cagey affair that was a sign of much to come, as most of the game was played heavily in the midfield, with Dutch FC happy to hold onto possession and the Vagabonds easily breaking up plays before they got close to their own penalty area. The central midfield pairing of Steeg and Nagoya continued their hard work from the previous match and were rarely overrun throughout. As the Vagabonds looked to break out of their own half, they relied on a few long balls to Rowley who was consistently able to make inroads around the left back of Dutch FC. Unfortunately he was unable to put the ball on target and never troubled the keeper until late on.

Anytime Dutch FC managed to pass through the midfield in the first half, Glenn was there to clear the danger and O’Connell was sticking close to the number nine from Dutch, who looked to be their danger man. On the occasions that the Dutch FC striker was able to collect the ball he was isolated up top, and the Vagabonds defense was easily able to deal with the attacks. Pushing out of the back proved to be effective as the wing pairings of Thong and Kishi on the right and Coffey and Etherington on the left continued to push forward with some slick passing keeping Dutch FC back and unable to build up any support.

The only real danger in the half came from a through ball over the top. A miscommunication between Stieber and O’Connell had the Vagabonds scrambling as O’Connell was able to clear the danger. As the half continued the Vagabonds fell back to old tactics more and more as long balls over the top collected by Rowley and Grønsund were the best form of attacking progress. The half ended without either keeper having been troubled as they didn’t record a save in the half.

To begin the second half, the Vagabonds had the better of play and the infusion of pace and creativity from a Williams substitution was helping the Vags keep possession much better throughout. Some defensive shifts were also in order as Owen came on, but the Vags were able to continue to hold Dutch FC at bay. As the Vagabonds grew into the match throughout the half, they gain more chances but were unable to trouble the opposing keeper. Rowley shot wide a few times and ultimately the best chances came from set pieces, as Glenn managed to try an overhead kick that was easily collected by the Dutch keeper.

As time began to run out, it was Dutch FC who began to flag and the Vagabonds continued to push for the winner. Williams placed a header past the keeper that lacked power and was cleared off the line by the defense. The only worrying moment in the second half defensively came from a long diagonal ball over the top. Stieber was quick off his line, and punched clear before the striker was able to get a touch, but a collision left both players feeling worse for the moment, and O’Connell was booked for dissent afterward.

As the game reached it’s final moments, Dutch FC players began to cramp up and stay down with injuries and the Vagabonds continued to press. Rowley skinned the bar with a cross and Steeg nearly connected with a header just before the whistle went. Unfortunately, the Vagabonds were not able to make the final pressure pay off and had to settle for the draw.

Although the Vagabonds would have been happier with the 3 points, a single point was enough to push them ahead of Sala and out of the relegation zone, if only on goal difference.

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