Robert Walters Team of the Week (March 26)

Footy Japan Cup - March 28th 2022


An exciting weekend for the FJ Cup!

A close game between BFC Vagabonds and Albion Old Boys with both teams fighting right until the end. Albion Old Boys proceeds to the next plate round where they will face Sagaramatha FC or FC International. YeBoiz played an excellent game against FC Panthers, moving the ball and dominating possesion but not getting the finish off resulting them getting knocked out. FC Panthers will face either Hibernian FC or Kanto Celts for the next round.


The Team of the Week goes to Suns FC who played their cup match against Pumas FC, last seasons finalists. Both teams are high up on the standings in their respective divisions, with Suns dominating in Division 2 while Pumas being third place in Division 1. On paper Pumas were the favorite for this match but Suns proved otherwise. The game had many fouls, as would be expected from two teams full of fighters. However Suns played very solid, maintaining a lead from start to finish. Suns scored two goals in the first 20, Pumas scored their one and only goal after 25 minutes. Suns increased their lead with two more goals in the second half, winning the game 4-1.


Congratulations to Suns for winning the Robert Walters Team of the Week!