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FJ TOTW Matchday weekend 1

TML 14 kicked off with 7 league matches and a 16 team Summer 7s tournament so competition to claim the first FJ TOTW was fierce. Notable preformances from Zion FC in Division 2 beating El Diego 4-1 and also TML newboys FC Sagarmartha winning thier first match. At the 7s, British Embassy FC played well as did Cup Runners up Panthers FC but Swiss Kickers can claim a double. Summer 7s Cup Winners and also the first FJ TOTW winners. Unbeaten throughout the day and only...

FJC News - August 27th 2016

A Subarashii day for the Pumas

Football is a special sport in so many different ways. It keeps you fit, it creates friendships and the occasional rivilary. It’s played by people of all ages and also people from all walks of life. Saturday was the culmination of all the above sentences. Kids aged 5 to adults aged, well let’s just say well into middle age, all competed in our 12th Charity Football day. For the second year running we...

FJC News - May 28th 2016
Robert on his last day of refereeing with Captains Phil Denham (YC&AC 1868) Ian Webster (Oakwood Clash)

A Referees View on the TML

Robert Peacock: TML Referee September~December 2015

I have spent the last three months absorbing life in Tokyo. I flew to Japan as part of a university exchange with the Tokyo Institute of Technology and have completed my Master of Engineering thesis. Having previously refereed in Scotland, I was lucky to enough to be given the opportunity to join the Tokyo Metropolis League (TML).

This experience has been a steep learning-curve but has provided a unique...

FJC News - December 17th 2015
Season 13
FJC News - March 19th 2015
Season 11,Tournaments - FJ Cup,GUTS SC,Jetro FC,Panthers FC,Pumas FC,Swiss Kickers,Hibernian FC