Goodbye 2023, ESR FJ Cup to come in 2024!

Announcements - December 24th 2023


It's been a relatively smooth TML season this year, teams have put up and adapted well to the "no rescheduling fixtures that are posted" rule. Perhaps teams needed this rule all along to create a sense of urgency in actually fielding a team. Whatever the reason, it's been doing everyone in the league wonders. In the past, canceled games ruined plans for the non-cancelling opponents and referees. On top of this, it wasted countless of pitches.
Only one team have managed to make it to the end of the year with no draws or losses. Pumas FC (Division 1) have shown remarkable consistency in their performance winning all 8 of their fixtures while only letting in 4 goals. They don't rely solely on their top goal scorer (who is actually a former goalkeeper!) and have a well-balanced pool of contributing players. However, the season is far from over. Several other teams could still win the league!
In Divisions 2 and 3, we have Brunello (D2) and Guapo (D3) that are holding strong onto a decent point lead. Both of these teams have been stuck in the same division for several seasons so it will be exciting to see if they can finally climb to heights never reached before!

As some of the attentive players may have noticed, the ESR FJ Cup is finally commencing from 2024 with all teams playing their first cup game in January. As always, players are cup-tied so cross-division players will have to choose and stick with one team for the entire run. Fortunately, with a capped amount of cross-division players per team, captains will have a much easier task of keeping track of their cross-division players!


Let's see what football drama awaits for the TML teams in 2024!