Coldest games of TML21 season!

Announcements - January 17th 2024


It's been a relatively warm season. The December and January months has been free of snow... until last weekend!

Arguably one of the coldest fixtures of the year with thunder in the background and snow falling down. Miserable weather but the field was in playing conditions, therefore the games went on! These are the type of games were a mysterious illness will often take over the TML with many faint hearted players claiming a sudden change in their health or plans but fortunantely, all the teams this weekend were able to organize a full side.

The first match of the ESR FJ Cup also took place, Zion and Kilimanjaro faced off each other in YCAC. A noble effort by Kilimanjaro but the game ended with Zion comfortably winning. The following weekend will see many cup games take place (10 cup games in fact).

Notable games this weekend including first place Guapo picking up their first draw of their season against Shane FC, YCAC picking up their first win against Sala FC, YeBoiz handing Hibs their second loss of the season!