Celts and Sala, evenly matched fixture with an uneven score line

Announcements - December 6th 2023


Celts and Sala took place this weekend down at the natural grass fields of Kemigawa. Both these teams were placed mid table so it was no surprise that this game was going to be neck and neck. Sala had the Nakatanai brothers present, a duo that would be a threat for any team they face. Celts had legend Shosuke and veteran Shinji to lead their team with experience. Yet it was none of these 4 players that appeard on the score line. New signings for this season Kalifa Diabate (Celts) scored a pair and Yoshio Nagata (Sala) scored the single goal for Sala. Celts maintained a lead throughout the game but Sala had extended periods of domination (particularly after they were losing) with two goals being deemed offside. But Celts held firmly onto their lead and extended it in the later stages of the game. Truly a game that could have gone either way but Celts played with very good composure and clinched out the win.

Their players will happily sip on their beers on their way back while celebrating a toast to this victory!