Robert Walters TOTW 34

Announcements - May 26th 2019


This weeks Robert Walters Team of the Week goes to Zion FC for their win over Musketeers.

Spectators of the match were heard complimenting Zion FC incredible ball movement. Around the 20 minute mark (when Zion were up 2-0) one of their players got injured and left the pitch. The 10 man Zion did not slow down. Their ball movement remained crisp and were able to outclass the Musketeers despite being out numbered. A integral part of their successful game came down to an incredible preformance by Takuma Ueyama, who scored 5 goals. This puts Takuma tied for golden boot award with Kohei Haneda (BFC). His precense on the pitch was so strong that one of our staff members offered to help him find a club in Southeast Asia. Zion are looking in top form which means they Cup Finals vs Hibs will be a very interesting one.

Congratulation to Zion for winning the Robert Walters Team of the Week!