Happy Valentines

Announcements - February 14th 2020


Happy Valentines everyone!

What better way to spend valentines then to check up on your loved ones. I am of course talking about the TML website. 

Over the past 3 weeks, 2 big mile stones have been accomplished.

1) Saitama Jets have had their first victory since October 2018. A 19-game winless curse was finally ended. Not only did they get a clean sheet, but they won by 6 goals over King George FC. With that, Saitama Jets have pulled themselves out of last place and will certainly see more wins to come in the future.

2) Pumas have had their first loss. A well played game by Panthers came out on top, 4-2. The 2 Panthers strikers, Keiji Oguro & Hiroyuki Uchida, are quite different from each other (just like the panthers kit). Powerhouse Keiji as the targetman and agile Uchida as the second striker will be a force to reckon with. It is still Pumas league to lose, as no team is close to them in the number of points.

Both these indicate a more competitive league. The top team was able to be beaten and the bottom team was able to win. The more competitive the league is, the more interesting it becomes for everyone participating. Now all we need is King George to win a game... would be the biggest indication that the league is competitive!


As it is valentines, I've decided to show some love with a video. Give it a look when you can!