Season 13
Back Row: Ryotaro Suzuki, Tomo Taguchi, Shunya Yamai, Guido Geisler, Leonard Tui, Scott Thomson, Joe McBride
Front Row: Shu Nakatani, Tobias Long, Graham Stone, Neil Murphy, Koichi Sekiya, AJ Price, Dan Bard, Anthony Hall


  • Founded: 1997
  • Sponsor(s): N/A
  • Honours: FJ Plate Champions 2008/9
  • Colours: Home: All white.  Away: Black & Gray top, white shorts, white socks
  • About: Sala FC is a Chiba based team established in 1997.  Since joining the IFFL in 2002 the team has gained promotion from Division 2 as champions, finished 3rd in its first season in Division 1 and were beaten finalists in the World Motors Cup in 2003.  Sala FC has also participated in other competitions and won the Highland games 5 a-side and the FJ Charity 7s tournaments.
  • Captain: Lenny Tui

Season 11

Sala FC

Back row: Shigeru Chino, Masa Watanabe, Stu Anderson, Toby Long, Chris Dunlavy, Guido Geissler, Ian Jelley. Front row: Stephen Brooke-Smith, Daniel Bard, Rob Harlow, Taylor Mignon, Take Kurome, Scott Thomson.